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 Is Dacula Classical Academy accredited?


Yes, Dacula Classical Academy is SACS accredited through the AdvancED/Cognia accrediting organization.

 Do you have Pre-Kindergarten?

No, we do not have Pre-Kindergarten. We are a Kindergarten - 12th grade school only. We cap our classroom size at 16 children for the lower grades and 18 children for the upper grades.

What is Dacula Classical Academy's graduation rate?


Dacula Classical Academy's first graduating class was the class of 2007.  Since then, 100% of DCA seniors have graduated and most continued their educations by choosing to go to college.

Is Dacula Classical Academy a homeschool co-op?

Dacula Classical Academy is not a homeschool co-op.  It is an accredited, private, classical, collaborative academic model school that utilizes a non-traditional schedule and recognizes the role of parents in providing both instructional support and character training.  We have blended the best attributes of the traditional classroom and the best attributes of homeschooling and combined them into a collaborative academic model that provides an excellent educational experience and parents maintain their position of influence in their child’s life.

Are parents responsible for grades and other academic records?

Parents are not responsible for grades and other academic records.  All assignments including skills practice, content review, mastery of concepts, projects, etc., are assigned and graded by the classroom teacher.  Parents do have the responsibility of checking all of the student’s homework and having the student make corrections which are crucial for mastery learning, but they do not have responsibility in grading and academic records.

Are you a university model school?

We are a collaborative academic school that offers a unique format and condensed schedule that is very similar to the schedule a student in college would experience.  We partner with parents in a dual-educational setting in which students come to class on campus on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to take their five core academic classes - language arts, math, history, science, and Latin.  They also come for a half day on Fridays to take their classical studies and elective classes such as art, music, drama, etc.  On Mondays students are at home working on assignments and projects under their parents’ direct supervision, which provides one-on-one instructional support for every student.

While we follow a similar structure and schedule, we are not a member of the National Association of University-Model Schools organization, who has trademarked the term “university-model school”; therefore, we are not a university-model school.  If you would like more information about the NAUMS organization, please visit their website at


Stacey Sheets

Admissions Director


495 Harbins Road

Dacula, GA 30019


678-377-0080 Phone


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