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The Classical Philosophy

At Dacula Classical Academy, we follow the classical three-stage process of instruction to teach the tools of learning - grammar, logic, and rhetoric. 

  • First through fifth grade classes emphasize grammar, meaning the foundational skills and concepts that students need to be able to build upon in future studies.  In this stage, basic reading, writing, and math skills are developed. 

  • Students in sixth through eighth grades attend classes that focus on the relationships and interconnectedness of knowledge and ideas.  This emphasis in the logic stage aligns with a child’s natural development as students in these grades begin to question and discuss ideas with their peers and mentor teachers. 

  • Students in ninth through twelfth grades attend classes that focus on the structure and style of expression and communication, which is known as the rhetoric stage.  By the time students reach this stage, they have built a firm knowledge base and have learned to think and talk about ideas, and now they begin to hone their communication skills by learning to organize their thoughts, support their ideas, and express themselves through speaking as well as through creative and expository writing.


To be educated in any discipline, you must: know its basic principles (grammar), reason clearly about it (logic), and communicate its ideas and apply them effectively (rhetoric).

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