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Art Class


Dacula Classical Academy offers elective classes in the areas of fine arts, practical arts, and technical arts on Fridays from 8:45 am – 12:00 p.m. The electives are included in the Academic Program or they can be taken as a stand-alone program for homeschoolers. Students in kindergarten through second grade have a set program of classical studies content and a survey of activities while students in third through twelfth grade may choose two classes from a schedule of class offerings in addition to their assigned classical studies class. Elective classes are scheduled on a rotational basis so that there are a variety of topics, and a new schedule of elective classes is posted prior to each semester.  During the first two weeks of the semester, students may change their choice of classes if space permits. After the second week of the semester a student may only drop a class.  Elective class offerings are different each semester.

Elective classes rotate each semester, but may include:

Art, Baking, Music Appreciation, Public Speaking, String Ensemble, Musical Theatre,

Physical Education, Gardening, Computer Skills, and many more.  



Interested in joining Musical Theatre?  Visit our website here for more information.

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