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The Collaborative Academic Model


 Dacula Classical Academy provides a traditional classroom experience with teacher-led instruction, small class sizes (16 students maximum in lower grades and 18 students maximum in upper grades per class), curriculum, assignments, assessments, records, and accredited transcripts.  The parents’ role in this model includes supervising the schoolwork completed at home, tutoring, enriching the coursework with extracurricular learning experiences, and teaching time management and study skills, all while maintaining the primary position of influence and character building in the child’s life. 


This format has several significant benefits:

Students are uniquely prepared to transition to college because the structure of college classes is familiar and students are accustomed to the schedule of attending classes fewer days per week and completing coursework off campus.

The school’s unique structure provides extra time for parents to instill the principles of virtue that form a person’s character, behavior, and beliefs. Parents are also given the time to provide enriching activities that are not possible in a traditional, five-day, classroom format.

Students have flexible schedules that allow time for them to participate in activities outside of school such as working part time, volunteering, and sports.

The unique schedule allows students to participate in dual enrollment classes at the college level.

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